High Current

DC power Systems for Electrochemical Plants like, Potassium & Sodium Chlorate, Soda-ash, Caustic chlorine Production, Copper, Aluminium, Zinc refining all require modest voltage and high DC current. DC power is also required in other industrial process like hydrogenation, electrolysis, chlorination. Such continuous process industries look for a reliable, economical and trouble free form of DC power supply system. Punrasar Engineering offers a complete range of rectifier equipment of all such applications and provides engineering, design and technical support in choosing the right solution/equipment.


  • Electroplating, Anodizing, Galvanising, Electro-coloring
  • Hydrogenation, Chlorination, Electrolysis
  • Electrochemical - Sodium, potassium salts
  • Electro-smelting, Aluminum, Copper, Zinc.
  • Electrophoretic painting,ED coating.
  • Industrial Power Supplies, Cathodic Protection
  • Battery Formation, Battery charging.
  • Heating, Magnetisation, Ionisation

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