• Punrasar Engineering TOROIDAL is equipped with a toroidal transformer, which is smaller and lighter than other conventional transformers. It is noiseless, highly efficient and thus causes less heat loss ad thus enables power saving ending up saving your electricity bill. You can call it pocket and savings friendly.

Salient Features of Toroidal

  • Its first and foremost feature is its Digital Time Delay facility.
  • The digital indication of delay time is indicated with the numbers 0 1 2 3 and P (power stands for ON).
  • Beep sound changes at different intervals on time delay.
  • Delay time can be bypassed/ reset manually.
  • It provides automatic electronic protection against High/Low voltage cut-off and short-circuit and over load protection.
  • It has all solid state electronic circuit created using C-MOS technology. This enables optimum voltage output selection.
  • It has voltage monitoring system for AC observation of input/output voltage and current.
  • The specifications and construction of this product is according to IS 8448-1989 and it comes with latest amendments and is also quality marked by Punjab Govt.
  • All transformers are copper wound ,with the best quality super enameled copper wire made of copper confirming to IS:13730.
  • All transformers are impregnated under vacuum and pressure in the automatic vacuum impregnation plant.


  • Input Voltage Range - 140-275 V & 150-265 V
  • Output voltage range - 200 V - 240 V ± 2%
  • Capacity - 0.5 to 8 KVA
  • Frequency - 47-60 Hz
  • Outer Dimensions for 4 KVA stabilizers
  • Vertical (Pyramid) - 32*15*30 cm
  • Horizontal (sleek Model) - 35*35*15 cm

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