• In Pursuance of the goal of using Punrasar Engineering's marketing, Sales & Service network diversification, the Company has a separate division for carrying on Trading Activities.

The present range of products include

Semiconductor Fuses from BUSSMANN, Denmark
Bussmann offers a comprehensive range of high speed fuselinks, specifically designed for semiconductor device protection. They come in various standards like European, North American, French, Ferrule and British with current rating upto 4000A. Bussmann offers wide range of Fuse Bases (Blocks), Microswitches which can be used along with Fuses. These fuses are widely used in various applications like DC drives, UPS, Induction Furnace, High Current Rectifiers.

Capacitors from ICAR, Italy

  • ICAR is one of the leading manufacturer of capacitors used in AC as well as DC applications like snubber capacitors, Power Factor Improvement, Induction Furnaces.

    For future growth, the company is in the process of identifying products for enhancing the range from other foreign sources.
  • Size and cooling restrictions

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