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Plastic Based Bitumen Felt

Punrasar Engineering

Considering the needs of our vast clientele, we are offer a comprehensive range of Plastic Based Bitumen Felts. Plastic felt is a pre-fabricated water proofing felt based on plastic membrane coated on both side with polymer Bitumen, which is generally used for roof water proofing, damp proofing & basement.

We offer these plastic Based Bitumen Felt in standard as well as customized forms to suit the individual needs of our clients. Manufactured using high-grade raw material, these Bitumen felts provide right balance of quality, reliability and performance to the users.

Hessain Based Bituminous Felt

Punrasar Engineering

A self finished Hessian Based Bituminous Felt impregnated with chosen grade of Blown Bitumen and fillers widely used for waterproofing roofs. Its economy and durability is highly recommended by Government Public and Private sectors. Ready Stock available with us as per customer’s choice.


To lay the Felt, IS Code of Practice 1346 is to be followed. Bitumen Grade 30/40, 90/15 may be used on flat roofs for laying and gravelling. 90/15 or 85/25 mat be used for flashing and slopped roofs. Cold Sticker may be used for laying Felt on corrugated Iron & Asbestos. Moorum, Coarse Sand, Pea Size Gravel may be used on flat roofs. In case of CI, AC, Tiled Roofs, etc., a coat of Cold Sticker or hot Bitumen 90/15 may be used.


Minimum four layers, i.e. one layer of Felt, two layers of Bitumen and one layer of Sand, Grit or Gravel on roofs is recommended.


Waterproofing of roofs with Bitumen Felts is (1) easy to lay (2) Good dimensional stability (3) Highly efficacious in waterproofing (4) minimum handling loss (5) long life (6) Very effective and durable (7) it can stand expansion and contraction of roofs (8) it is economical.

SBS Modified Membrane Bitumen Felt

Punrasar Engineering

Buildings today incorporate lighter-weight structural materials than those built years ago. Contemporary roofing systems should, therefore, have the ability to withstand the increased substrate movements and deflections. Durability of the roof can be assured through good planning and by the correct specification and installation of the waterproofing system.

Asphalt is still the best-known waterproofing material. However, it has poor aging characteristics, becomes brittle in cold weather, is fluid in hot weather, and has little resistance to fatigue.

Elastomeric compounds such as SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene) substantially improve these properties. SBS rubber is flexible and has the memory to return to its original form. The addition of SBS rubber to asphalt increases the flow characteristics and improves the low-temperature flexibility and fatigue resistance of roofing asphalt. The end product is a high-performance, 2-3 ply system. Some of the advantages of the system are:



Ideal for areas where it is impractical to use hot asphalt (e.g., hospital, schools, and high-rises).


The most economical way to apply the membrane. Better suited for new construction and larger projects.


Unlike single ply membranes which need to be maintained by “authorized contractor”, SBS Modified Asphalt membranes can easily be maintained by in house maintenance staff.

Compared to single ply membranes, which are applied in one layer of 40-80 mils thickness, SBS modified systems are applied in 2-3 ply applications, ranging from 220 mils to 300 mils thickness. The redundancy of multiple layers reduces the chance of workmanship error and increases the ability to withstand traffic and numerous penetrations within the roofing system.

SBS Modified Asphalt Roofing Systems utilize a minimum of Two layers (smooth & Granulated) in constructing the Flashing. Unlike single ply roofs which only have one layer of 40-80 mils thick in their flashing the superior construction gives the flashing more ability to withstand movement and temperature fluctuation.

APP Modified Membrane

Punrasar Engineering

We have developed formulations that enhance the asphalt’s overall weather ability by modifying premium-grade asphalts. By combining these modified asphalts with non-woven polyester or glass fiber reinforcements, We supply waterproofing systems that exhibit tremendous strength, elasticity and weather ability.

APP roofing membranes provide superior tensile strength while maintaining critical flexibility – even in the coldest environments. Additionally, with APP roofing membranes (coated with a proprietary blend of asphalt and atactic polypropylene), contractors now have an efficient mode of application by heat welding, making hot mopping unnecessary.