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Expanded Metal Mesh

Punrasar Engineering

We offer our clients with quality Expanded Metals that are made using the sheets of solid metals such as stainless steel. Owing to its striking features such as high tensile strength and corrosion resistance, our range of heavy Expanded Metals is used in the construction works, maintenance of equipment, making art & craft and covering screen for first class sound case.

The expanding process of stretching and slitting gives the well known traditional diamond shaped pattern as well as a large range of decorative shaped meshes. This can vary in diamond size from minute gauze to massive walkway. Meshes can be as thin as a foil or as weighty as heavy duty walkway.


  • Fencing of super highway and studio.
  • Used as step mesh of oil tanks, working platform and corridor.
  • Used for making walking road for heavy model equipment, boilers, petroleum & mine well, vehicles and ships.
  • Screening effect – light and vision can be controlled
  • A reinforcing agent – in concrete, plaster and a range of composites.
  • Heat conduction and diffusion – for grills and high temperature processing
  • Security and safety – for fencing, cages and enclosures
  • Exclusion and retention – for ventilated storage of goods or partition security

Barbed Wire

Punrasar Engineering

GI Barbed wires is actually a wire with series of dangerously pointed pins on it. This type of barbed wire fencing is extremely difficult to cross, since they cut and tear anything falling on them. They are an extremely powerful protection method in various places apart from farms and battlefields. From home boundaries to jails, these wires have been extensively used for protection.

This type of fencing wire is generally made from iron. These are available in various styles. Some run in a straight line, while others are rounded making a mesh. This type of fencing keeps unwanted wild animals away from animal sheds and fields. In urban areas it prevents thieves and other antisocial elements from entering homes, buildings, residential and official premises. Barbed wire has always been a very successful option as far as defensive fencing is concerned.

Our company manufactures superior quality G.I Barbed Wire catering to different industrial needs. These galvanized wires are flexible and have a high tensile strength. We use state-of-the-art technology in manufacturing these wires which are available in various specifications. We also have expertise in manufacturing customized G.I Barbed Wire based on niche requirements of our clients.

THICKNESS – 12 X 12G, 12 X 14G , 14 X 14G

Concertina Wire

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying Concertina Wire, which is used for modern security fencing. They are galvanized to prevent corrosion and are manufactured using razor-sharp steel blade and high-tensile wire. Our concertina Wires are available in various sizes and dimensions as per the requirement. Concertina wires are also known as Concertina coil and concertina razor coil.

Our product are extensively used for securing the boundaries and barring aggressive perimeter intruders, these wires have piecing and cutting razor blades, which can be mounted on top of the wall.


  • 450mm diameter
  • 610mm diameter


  • Longer life
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Finest quality