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gi wire mesh manufacturer in kolkata

We have recently started manufacturing extruded polymer mesh and are the only manufacturers in eastern India. The products are manufactured from virgin HDPE and additives under carefully controlled extrusion technology These are the some advantages of plastic mesh over their metal counterparts

Stainless steel SS304, 304L, 316, 316L.

  • Light weight : it is lighter than metal meshes of same wire diameter and aperture size.
  • durable- anti corrosive and rust free
  • Easy to install- handling plastic mesh is way easier than handling metal meshes.
  • Non reactive and weather resistant
  • Safe and hygienic – plastic meshes can be disinfected easily and do not rust which makes it safe and hygienic to use. For Eg. tea withering nets


Insect screens and fly screens are ideal to keep insects and mosquitoes out of houses. It is a healthier alternative to chemical mosquito repellants and is environment friendly too. It can be fitted on various types of doors and windows and is available in various colors. These nets do not corrode or rust making it extremely safe and hygienic. It has particularly good use in the hospitality and medical industry which have very high hygiene standards.

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Our Tea withering nets are made from virgin HDPE which imparts the net unmatched consistency and durability. It is used for withering of tea leaves. The rust free nature of polymer meshes make it a very hygienic and safe to use as well as prevents any contamination of tea leaves.

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These extruded plastic mesh is used to keep the eggs and chicks safe, specially the young chicks who are more prone to injure itself from the metallic cages. it prevents breakage and spoilage in eggs. It can be cleaned easily and does not rust or corrode ,hence prevent birds from being disesed.

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Extruded Plastic mesh being anti corrosive , cheap and easy install is being used extensively for garden fencing to protect the garden plants from birds , small animals and children.


Tree guards are used to protect sapling from harm resulting in more conversion of sapling to trees.

Sizes available
1. hex – 1″, 2″ mesh size
2. square – 6mm, 15mm , 20mm,in various widths as per requirement